TA: Can you tell us how you got into boxing?

FB: I originally started boxing for fitness and strength, using it as a training aid for football. After a couple of months I was hooked and decided to join my local club (Waltham Forest), I was about 14 years old. After a season or two there, I decided to move to the Repton Boys club in bethnal green where I had a long and successful amateur career. I spent the last 18 months of my amateur career in sheffield with the great britain podium squad.

TA: Who were your boxing idols growing up?

FB: I loved De La Hoya and Gatti growing up and continue to watch their fight collection on dvds. And although before my time I loved the fabulous four and their encounters; Duran, Hagler, Hearns and Leonard.

TA: Can you give us a bit of background into your boxing career so far?

FB: I had close to 70 amateur fights winning two national titles and a commonwealth federation silver medal. Of the 70 fights I had around 10 defeats and over 50% of my wins came by stoppage. Since turning pro with Mark Tibbs as my trainer and Frank Warren as my manager & promoter I have had two 1st round wins with my third fight coming up February the 10th at York Hall.

TA: How would you describe your fighting style?

FB: I have always been a come forward fighter, but recently Mark Tibbs has refined me, making me more of a come forward counter puncher, focusing on head movement, blocking and slipping before and after throwing punches.

TA: What would you is your greatest asset in the ring?

FB: My greatest asset is not what I do in the ring but what I have done outside the ring in preperation to the night.

TA: We understand you’ve gotten good sparring from the likes of DeGale, Groves and Carl Froch, what have you taken from these sessions?

FB: I have been fortunate enough to of had such quality sparring from Groves, Degale & Froch. It has made me realise you never stop learning. I sparred Degale when he first turnt pro and then around 6 months later and he was like a different fighter the second time, he had become alot stronger and his defence alot cuter. Groves surprised me with his punch repetoir and speed of hands and feet, I expected him to plod forward and throw powerful shots as I knew he was a big puncher. But he moved around and varied his punch power. Sparring Froch was a great experience and I felt his confidence and presence just in the way he carried himself. Hopefully in the future I will get more chances to spar them again.

TA: You have a tremendous fanbase for a novice in the pro ranks. Do you feel added pressure to go out and put on a performance because of this?

FB: I cant thank my support enough, they are behind me 100% and with them behind me it brings an extra something from me. I have a good team around me and with Mark Tibbs’ experience he has taught me to channel the crowds motivation rather than let it pressure me or to feel like I must impress. I would also like to mention Pride Scaffolding who have helped me greatly.

TA: What are your plans for 2012, do you know when you’ll be back out?

FB: My aim is to keep learning and gaining experience from fights and quality sparring. With each fight that passes myself and Mark sit down and discuss the next move with the guidance of Dean Powell and Frank Warren. My 3rd fight is on the 10th of february at York Hall. Expect over 300 from La Forza di Buglioni (The Force of Buglioni)