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04-11-2011, 02:42 PM
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Food for thought....15lbs worth.

By King JB

As we all know by now, Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko have both agreed to fight in July for Strikeforce. Now, most of us thought that Fedor was dropping down to 205 and he still might, but according to Dan Henderson, he is moving up to heavyweight to fight Fedor. He said that he had no problems with the “strength” of the heavyweights. Its hard not to respect Dan Henderson for this one as he has not only accepted to move up in weight to fight a heavyweight, but the GREATEST Heavyweight of all time. I applaud Dan Henderson for his heart and truly can't wait to see this fight.

However, this article is not actually about Dan Henderson and Fedor. I used that as my introduction for a reason. Dan Henderson is a legend in this sport, but many people put the UFC Welterweight Champion above him when they speak of legacies in this sport. With that being said, I have to ask if that truly should be the case considering George St. Pierre is not showing us the same heart as Dan Henderson here. Here is what I mean...

Dan is willing to jump up and fight the greatest heavyweight of all time regardless of the outcome due to the fact that he truly likes the competition as well as truly wants to give the fans the fights they want. He is a true mixed martial artist and fighter. He is not concerned with his brand nor legacy what-so-ever to the point where he turns down fights. Dan Henderson has actually never turned down a fight that I know of. George St. Pierre on the other hand, apparently has.

George St. Pierre has made it clear that he feels that moving up to fight Anderson Silva in the fight of the century puts his career and brand at risk. George St. Pierre has basically shown no interest in moving up and has showed so little interest that the UFC looks ready to book Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami at UFC Rio. Dana White said that he wanted the Super Fight. The fans obviously wanted the super fight. Anderson Silva wanted the super fight. GSP on the other hand, has expressed his doubts and dis-interest in the fight.

In the beginning when he did it, I thought he was just being humble and smart by not looking past Jake Shields, which I respected. However, as the reports have come out and GSP has shown true concern over his overall legacy, it shows me that he actually doubts that he can beat Anderson Silva and may even fear him. People say that he doesn't fear Anderson Silva, but lets really look at this. George St. Pierre has said that he doesn't want to risk everything that he has worked so hard for. Lets analyze that statement. If he really thought he had a shot at beating Anderson Silva, he just wouldn't cut as much and go ahead and fight at 185 and then drop back down to his division and continue his reign. Regardless, he wouldn't be concerned with his legacy, because he would ASSUME that he would beat Anderson Silva.

He obviously realizes that may not be the case. He seems truly worried about his legacy. He has stated time and time again that he wants to go down as the greatest fighter of all time. A loss to Anderson Silva would definitely put the stamp on the possibility of that for good. However, a win over Anderson Silva would surely do the same for him on the good note. This would be a winner take all type of fight in the MMA world. Anderson Silva doesn't mind because he seriously thinks that he can beat anyone and doesn't fear losing a so-called legacy regardless. George St. Pierre obviously feels that there is a good chance he could ruin that. GSP makes top dollar by ruling over the WW division in the UFC. He obviously doesn't want to give that up. He just wants to keep taking on all challengers apparently in his division.

What he doesn't understand is that if he lost to Silva, he could go right back to 170 and continue his dominance until Nick Diaz popped up and demanded a title shot. George St. Pierre is easily one of the five greatest fighters in the history of the sport and regardless of whether he won or lost to Silva, that would not change. There is no shame in finding out which one of them truly is #1. Anderson Silva wants to find out and GSP seems like someone that doesn't really want to know the answer. You know why? Right now, there is atleast an ARGUMENT over which one is #1. A clear winner would eliminate that argument and I do not think GSP wants that argument ended, which shows an extreme lack of confidence.

Do I hate GSP? Absolutely not, but I do think that he is showing no real heart right now. Granted, its his decision and if he doesn't wanna fight Silva, he doesn't have to. However, if he is so concerned with his legacy, how will his legacy look in the end if he ducked the biggest fight of all time? Doesn't these guys learn from boxing and what is going on with Money and Manny? GSP vs. Anderson Silva would be the highest grossing MMA event of all time and its a shame to know that one of the two fighters may be too scared to actually make it happen. That makes me sick to my stomach. Do I think GSP fears Anderson Silva as in “scared” like a fear of a monster? Of course not, but I do think he fears getting the next loss. I do think he fears no longer being in the “who's #1” convo. I think he fears the answer to the question being obvious. I think he doubts himself.

Thank god we got Dan Henderson...thats how you leave a legacy in the world of fighting. You take fights and give the sport what it needs...what it wants. You do not worry more about yourself than you do the sport that made you. GSP needs to think about the money he made off of BJ Penn jumping up in weight. BJ Penn showed time and time again what a true legend of this sport should do. GSP is a legend in this sport. I just think its time that he realizes it and acts like it. There is more money to be made in this Silva vs. GSP fight than ever before. Both fighters can look at Zuffa right now and ask for $5,000,000 each for the fight as a BASE PAY. They would easily get it, which would mark the first time ever that an MMA fighter got paid like the boxing stars. It would completely change the landscape of MMA.

But...thanks to GSP....probably won't happen...So, all I got to say is this...GSP, if your not willing to carry the torch, then pass it...I don't mean to Nick Diaz either, because he will move up in weight only to fight the old guys. He won't even eat an extra hamburger in order to fight Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Paul Daley would have done it. Jake Shields would do it. BJ Penn would do it. Most importantly, Anderson Silva would have done it. Dan Henderson is doing it right now with Fedor. George St. Pierre should NOT be considered the #1 P4P in the world until he is willing to atleast prove that he is. I respect GSP and think he is a future hall of famer, but this is what his legacy will remember and show...right here... 15 lbs... 15 stupid ass pounds.