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03-17-2011, 01:29 AM
Nate vs. Bisping?

Nate Marquardt has officially called out Michael Bisping and I am thrilled about it. Why? Because now Bisping can prove to his doubters that he belongs in the upper echelon of middleweight rankings. Most people, including people in his own country of the UK have him ranked lower than the highly overrated and over-ranked Nate Marquardt. Marquardt says that he wants to shut Bisping up, my question is this. Where is all this shit talking that people allege Bisping of doing? Ok, he talked shit during the Hendo fight leading up to it, but I haven't heard Bisping talk shit since then. Granted, when people talk crazy to him, he talks back, but where is all of this horrible Bisping shit talk?

I think Marquardt just bit off more than he can chew. To be honest, I think Dan Miller is going to pull off the upset @ UFC 128 this Saturday, which will prevent this fight from even happening, but regardless of this result, I do NOT think that fighting Michael Bisping is a good idea for Marquardt. If he loses to Miller and then to Bisping, his UFC career is OVER. Marquardt is acting more like a douche in his comments about Bisping than I EVER have heard Bisping sound.

Marquardt said the following.....

“I think Bisping has always been a loudmouth. Henderson taught him a lesson there for a little bit and he was quieted down for about a month, then (he was) a loudmouth again. It would be a pleasure to fight that guy and shut him up for another month.” “I don’t believe he meant to throw it (the knee) illegally. Jorge had his hand on the ground and then he pulled his hand up and he raised up. That’s when he threw the knee and wasn’t thinking (Rivera’s) knees were on the ground and that he’s still a grounded opponent. I don’t think (Rivera) was the same after that, although Michael was already winning the fight. But it was still competitive up until that point.” “It’s not what a martial artist or a sportsman should be doing. It’s just not good for the sport. It’s disrespectful, dishonorable. That just shows the kind of person Michael Bisping is.”

Now, didnt he just say that he did NOT think that the knee was intentional? So, why the fuck did he then say that Bisping is disrespectful and dishonorable for doing so? It just seems extremely foolish to me that he even said that shit in the same statement. He says that Bisping was a loud mouth after the Henderson fight? I ask ANYONE on here to please show me an example of this. He respected Wanderlei in their encounter. Yes, he got TRULY pissed about what Rivera did and he should have. Rivera was being one of the biggest douche bags to ever get in front of a camera. He was trolling if there ever was trolling. He wasn't just trying to sell the fight, he was DEEPLY trying to get inside Bisping's head...Well, the bad news for Jorge is that it WORKED. He got his ass kicked for it.

I personally think Nate is calling out Bisping because Michael KNOWS how to sell a fight and has been doing so for quite some time. Marquardt wants that BIGGER pay day and that in my opinion is why he is calling Bisping out. If the two men fight, I personally got Bisping by decision. I do admit that it would be a great fight to see, but I would be pulling for Bisping 100% all the way.

03-19-2011, 06:27 PM
bisping can win this fight and prove a point out there that he is not just a posterboy but a real fighter

Kenny Powers
03-19-2011, 06:32 PM
bisping can win this fight and prove a point out there that he is not just a posterboy but a real fighter

That's not true