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03-17-2011, 01:28 AM
Tito vs. Vera?? I like it...

Ok, we now have Brandon Vera officially back in the UFC. Dana White confirmed that on MMAfighting.com in an interview. With Brandon Vera back, I have thought of a fight that makes sense in every aspect. Despite the fact that Tito Ortiz (who is one of my favorites), only wants to fight former World Champions or Hall of Famers, I think that Tito Ortiz vs. Brandon Vera makes the most sense. Contrary to what Tito says, I believe that he and his career is on the line in his next fight REGARDLESS of whom he fights. Brandon Vera obviously is holding on by a string to his inconsistent UFC career.

Basically in a pink slip fight, I like Ortiz and Vera going at it. I think it will finally put one of these two fighters to rest so-to-speak. I personally think that Tito Ortiz will destroy Brandon Vera and win via decision by out pointing Vera. I think Tito's takedown ability will be too much for Vera. However, Vera is a hell of a striker and could possibly slip one in that gets him the TKO win. I love Tito Ortiz, but the truth is that it may be time for him to go. If Vera can beat him, it is definitely time. As for Vera, if he cannot beat an aging one dimensional fighter that is about to hang em up, then he can basically do NOTHING to earn what he is paid. Either way, someone here has to go.

Brandon Vera is just NOT UFC material in my opinion. He let his own hype get him A LONG TIME ago when he guaranteed that he would be the first man to hold both the heavyweight and light heavyweight titles at the same time. The truth is that he isnt even in the top 30 in the heavyweight division in my opinion and no where near the top 30 at 205 in my opinion. He just simply is not good enough to be in the UFC. He has a shit load of talent, but after he bragged and looked happy at his nose being busted like it was, I said to myself then "He is done".

He has went from a VERY CONFIDENT prospect to a joke to me. Laughing at yourself for getting treated like a bitch and having your nose broke is not the type of killer instinct that it takes to succeed as a pro fighter.

Tito on the other hand needs to understand that he keeps getting injured for a reason....he is old.

One more injury for Tito and one more fight cancelled should be the end of Tito. He just needs to face it. Atleast Chuck never had injury issues that really kept him cancelling fights. Tito may be brittle now...its not his fault. But it will be his fault if he doesn't notice it. His fans do not wanna keep being hyped up to see him fight only to be disappointed. This has happened alot recently. As a Tito fan, I do NOT want it to happen again.

Personally, I think Lil Nog would have knocked him out. Im glad he didnt fight him...lol

03-17-2011, 02:21 AM
Loser leaves town match!

Kenny Powers
03-17-2011, 04:33 AM
Love to see Tito pull out a win and I honestly think he could beat Vera

03-19-2011, 06:02 PM
im rooting for vera on this one i just hope the vera from before shows up i feel that he lost his passion somewhat and its really keeping from reaching his potential