View Full Version : No more respect for Jon Jones...period...

03-17-2011, 01:27 AM
No More Respect for Jon Jones...period...

I have never rooted for Rashad Evans in my entire life, especially as a fan of Rampage Jackson, but now I will be rooting him on. Jon Jones is someone that I have blasted recently and its because of his own attitude in believing the hype about him. Rashad Evans respectfully said that he would not fight Jon Jones due to their allegiance to the Jackson training academy. Now, Jon Jones was the first one to open up and say that he would fight Rashad Evans and of course, he couldn't be a punk about it, which has now led to today. Rashad Evans is LEAVING Jackson's group due to what he calls insecurity of Jon Jones.

Jon Jones, I admit is a GREAT fighter, but when it comes down to it, his arrogance is going to cost him. I believe it is going to cost him @ UFC 128 when Shogun beats him and also, it is gonna cost him an ELITE training partner and friend, in Rashad Evans. Not to mention, its gonna cost him ANOTHER loss if and when Rashad Evans decides that he wants to beat some sense into the 23 year old whom obviously already thinks he is the greatest of all time.

I have always hated Rashad, but for some reason, I cant help but to look at him as the good guy in all of this. People on the internet and media have gotten inside Jon Jones head and caused him to change his stance on him and Rashad Evan's pact and friendship. I think he is jealous because overall, Rashad Evans is still considered the better fighter as well as ranked higher by most people. I do not think that Jon Jones ego can take that hit. I think he wants to live up to his hype, no matter the cost....including the respect of others. Even worse is that Greg Jackson obviously did not side with Rashad Evans here. I cannot and will not respect him again. He is siding with Jones for one reason only.....MONEY. Title shots bring in pay days in the main event. Maybe he feels that Jones is bringing him in more money right NOW (March) and thats all that matters to him.

Rashad has OFFICIALLY permanately moved to Trevor Wittman's Grudge Training which tells me everything that I need to know. Jon Jones just cost Greg Jackson...He just cost Rashad Evans...Ultimately, he just cost himself.

Grow up Jon Jones and quit acting like a prima-donna bitch. Rashad just wanted to help you. He wasnt trying to steal your lime light, but your insecurity is what kept you in his shadow and now you are about to pay for it. You used him for his training to get you ready for the fight and then the week of the fight, you decide to verbally bomb on him...How classy is that? Now Rashad is motivated and something tells me he is gonna split your face open.

Rashad, you still cant beat Rampage...lol.