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03-17-2011, 01:22 AM
What if a Champion gets DQ'ed?

I honestly do NOT know the answer to this question and its a question that I am either hoping to get an answer to or begin a debate as to what to do if a Champion is disqualified during a title defense. First off, if anyone knows of ANY instances in which a champion in MMA has ever been disqualified during a title defense, please, let me know about it. What do they do? Does the title switch hands? Does the title get vacated?

I am gonna act like there is NO answer to this question and just write my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to comment and add insight on this issue. Until I get an answer as to the true rules about this in MMA, Im just going to go with it and give you my opinion. First off, the #1 thing that I do know is that if a champion gets disqualified, he should lose the title REGARDLESS of whom gets it. I think the reason is obvious. Hell, all you gotta do is look at the fake ass pro wrestling industry (which i like) and see the advantage that DQ's give a champion there. Theoretically in the WWE, a champion can get his self disqualified each defense and keep the title forever. So, obviously the concept of a champion retaining title should not and CANNOT ever be the rules in MMA.

Moving on, that leaves two options....STRIPPING of the title and making it vacant or giving it to the victor of the match. Feel free to battle me on this, because truthfully, my pick is that the title should be made VACANT. I dont think ANY MAN should become a WORLD CHAMPION due to a foul by the defending champion. For instance, lets look at the Jon Jones and Matt Hamill fight. If Jones would have been a champion at that time, I do NOT believe that Matt Hamill should have walked away with the win AND the World Championship. I do NOT like the idea of a man getting dominated and then becoming World Champion based on a mistake.

Therefore, it leaves one option...vacating the title and beginning a tournament. I do believe that the following tournament MUST include the two fighters from the original fight no matter what. In my previous example, that would mean that BOTH Jon Jones and Matt Hamill would be in the tournament. Hell, it doesnt have to be a LARGE tournament, it could be FOUR MEN. I would be down with that.

So I ask you...does anyone know the REAL answer to this question? Also, what are your thoughts on the matter? Has anyone ever actually had this conversation on MMA Bay before? I hope I am generating an original topic here. I look forward to your responses.

03-17-2011, 02:26 AM
A dq is a loss and the winner of the fight should get the belt. I can't recall this happening off the top of my head.

03-19-2011, 06:13 PM
yea i think being DQed means losing the title but thats a nice thought to ponder on its kinda sad winning the belt by getting KOed with an illegal shot