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03-17-2011, 01:20 AM
Bisping vs. Franklin ???

“I’ve kind of always just fit into the puzzle where ever the UFC needed me and if they said, ‘hey, take a fight at 195,’ I’d take a fight at 195. If they said, ‘take a fight at 185,’ I’d (do it). If they said, ‘fight Bisping,’ I’d fight Bisping. I would step in back at 185 again, I would stay at 205; whatever they wanted me to do. … I believe I can make it back to the title. I think I’m at a point in my career where, if I didn’t think that, if I didn’t think that I can compete at the top level, than I wouldn’t enjoy competing anymore.”

That was out of RICH FRANKLIN's mouth himself....

Now, it seems to me that in Rich Franklin's nice guy way, he just called out Michael Bisping. I personally hope that Bisping takes this fight. Bisping himself said that he wanted one more fight in the summer and then wanted a title shot. Personally, I think he should either take this fight or he should fight Yushin Okami. If Okami really is the #1 contender, he should have NO problem with putting it on the line against Bisping. However, when it comes to Franklin, this is the fight that I PRAY that Bisping takes. Why?

Well here we go. All kinds of people say that Bisping has never fought any high level fighters, which he has. People say that he has never beaten any high level fighters, which he has. I think that a win over Rich Franklin would finally end all the doubters doubts. Bisping may NOT be a future World Champion and that I can probably admit. But I stand behind my belief that he is a TOP FIGHTER in the division. He has some of the most CRISP technical striking in the MMA world and is a world class athlete when it comes to cardio.

Rich Franklin is no joke either though. He is a former World Champion that BELONGS at middleweight and needs to stop trying his luck at 205. Forrest Griffin taught him exactly where he belongs body size wise. I think he is a TOUGH matchup for Bisping much like Dan Henderson was. Franklin's knock out power could very easily knock out THE COUNT if he lands one...

A win here would be HUGE for Bisping and prove his supporters right....

A loss here would prove the nay-sayers right about Bisping....

Either way, we get our BABYFACE vs. HEEL matchup. (I always root for the heels it seems...lol)

I love the matchup and hope it happens...Its a win-win for us all.

Who do you think would win? What are your thoughts on this fight possibility?

I got Bisping winning a decision.

Kenny Powers
03-17-2011, 04:19 AM
Who are these top level fighters Bisping has beaten?

Considering the time between the last three of Rich's fights and the fact that he hasn't fought at MW since 2008 I really can't make a prediction. But I would hope Franklin would win

03-19-2011, 06:10 PM
i like both of them really cant push for the other but franklin needs the W more after the loss against forrest