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02-11-2011, 12:45 AM

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

On February 5th Anderson Silva extended his UFC run to a ridiculously impressive 13-0 run under the UFC banner. A first round victory over Vitor Belfort marked Silva’s record eighth defense of the middle weight championship.

The most amazing aspect of the entire fight? The manner in which Anderson disposed of Belfort.

Silva faked a kick to the body, Belfort clinched his core in anticipation, and the foot landed clean on the face, dropping Belfort like a bag of dirty laundry. A few follow up punches ensured a brief dream or two for Vitor, a man who had never previously been rendered fully unconscious from strikes in professional competition. When the smoke had cleared, and the MMA community had picked up its collective jaw a single question lingered: did Anderson Silva really just knock Vitor Belfort out with a front kick to the face? The answer of course, was a simple ‘yes, he did indeed knock Vitor out with a front kick to the face, in the first round at that’.

In the wake of another awe inspiring performance from Silva, the MMA world immediately launched into discussions centered on potential foes for the dominant champion. Dana White however, already had a pretty clear vision of Anderson’s next opponent, and he was quick to announce it: Silva will next meet current welterweight kingpin and fellow top pound-for-pound candidate, Georges St. Pierre should he secure victory over his next challenger Jake Shields, whom he’ll meet in the main event of UFC 129.

Notching a win over Shields is no easy feat, as evidenced by a current 15 fight win streak. Shields, in fact hasn’t lost a bout since 2005. However, St. Pierre has battled the tougher competition over the years, and taken a firm hold over the UFC’s welterweight throne; to consider him the favorite isn’t a stretch.

02-11-2011, 04:14 AM
Cant wait, i just hope the something crazy dont happen and GSP dont win his fight with Shields.

03-01-2011, 05:26 AM
Personally whether he wins this fight or not, people are STILL gonna wanna see GSP and Silva...However, I think the mystique of it all would be better if GSP beats Shields. Alot of people are looking past Shields which is crazy. Jake Shields is one of the best mixed martial artist in the world. Personally, I cant wait for the GSP/Silva fight. I gotta give it to Anderson Silva in the 2nd with a TKO.