View Full Version : Shawn Tompkins Says Vitor Belfort Loyal To No One

01-22-2011, 07:42 PM
Top MMA trainer Shawn Tompkins had Vitor Belfort under his wing for quite some time but with Belfort's upcoming title fight against Anderson Silva, Belfort has been jumping from camp to camp in preparation, something Tompkins isn't to happy about:

"Vitor has done this before. Vitor sometimes, he gets a little clouded in his head. It’s not that he brought in Mike Tyson or anything like that. Vitor just wanders, you know, and he goes where, you know, what’s happening, what’s famous, what’s popular and he’ll go over there and Mike Tyson isn’t teaching him anything. Neither is the other eight gyms that he’s training at. Just because he’s over at Couture’s and not with me doesn’t mean he’s with Couture’s. Vitor isn’t loyal to anybody. We’ve seen it before. I hope for the best for him, but you know for a guy who told me about respect, loyalty, and God and all this stuff for so many years, he sure did prove the opposite. So, we’ll see. Best of luck to him. Best of luck to Anderson, as well."

01-22-2011, 08:45 PM
Belfort does have a history of jumping from camp to camp, usually owing money to them when he leaves. He is not loyal to anyone except himself. I don't think he is that sharp of a guy, so it is a good thing that he is at Xtreme Couture's so Randy can game plan for him. Who knows how long Vitor will stay there though.