View Full Version : Arsenal are chokers?

12-14-2010, 01:55 PM
Damm, they always seem to choke in the big games. :))

12-15-2010, 01:51 AM
Physically and mentally they are just not strong enough. In their last 11 games with United & Chelsea, they have drawn 1 and lost 10, that pretty much says it all.

It's the same failings all the time too, so Wenger only has himself to blame really. Whenever they place Chelsea, Drogba bullies their defenders and ALWAYS scores, so why not buy a defender capable of dealing with a physical specimen like Drogba? :-??
Likewise, against United they are always bullied in midfield. I'm a United fan, and I'll tell you right now that out midfield is nothing special. On paper Arsenal's is stronger, so why do we dominate? Simply because we get stuck into them and don't hold back. You can't compete with the likes of Nasri & Fabregas in a passing game, so you get your Darren Fletcher's and your Anderson's to give them hell, close them down, shoulder them into next week. Judging by recent results, it's a near flawless plan. Once again, you have to ask why Wenger won't buy a midfield enforcer who will stand up to United like Patrick Vieira used to back in the day.
Being beaten, beaten and beaten some more by the top teams has destroyed the players mentally. They don't go into these games expecting to win anymore. 5/10 years ago Arsenal were a team of winners, big strong men who were able to play football and take the physicality in their stride. Now though, they're a team of small men, 95% are foreigners too, there's no Tony Adams or Martin Keown anymore. And perhaps most crucially, their best players are constantly injured!