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06-02-2010, 05:09 PM

Alexis "El Flaco Explosivo" Arguello

WBA Featherweight Champion
The Ring magazine Featherweight Champion
WBC Super Featherweight Champion
WBC Lightweight Champion
The Ring magazine Lightweight Champion
1992 International Hall of Fame inductee

Record: 82(65)-8-0

In 1999, the Associated Press named Alexis Arguello the greatest junior lightweight and the sixth greatest lightweight of the 20th century.


1974- Arguello knocks out Ruben Olivares in the 13th to become the WBA FW champion. He had previously lost his first title fight same year to Ernesto Marcel.
1978- Arguello stops Alfredo Escalera in the 13th to claim the WBC SFW title. He makes eight defenses of the title, beating Escalera in the rematch, Rafael Limon, Bobby Chacon and Rolando Navarrete, all by stoppage.
1980- Moves up to 135 and beats Cornelius Boza Edwards by TKO8.
1981- Takes his third division title by outpointing Scottish Jim Watt for the WBC LW title on Wembley. He makes four defenses, among them a TKO14 against Ray "Boom-Boom" Mancini.
1982- Tries to capture the fourth division title by taking on WBA LWW champ Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor, but loses under controversial circumstances by TKO14.
1983- Gets koed in 10 by Pryor in the rematch.
1987-Retires after winning 2 more fights.
1994- Makes a comeback and beats Jorge Palomares (2-12) by MD10, but with great difficulties.
1995- Loses by UD10 to Billy Walker and retires for good.
2009- Commits suicide on July 1st in Managua, at the age of 57.

Notable wins:
Ruben Olivares
Bobby Chacon
Ray Mancini <undefeated>
Jose Luis Ramirez <questionable>
Rafael Limon
Rolando Navarrete
Cornelius Boza Edwards
Jim Watt
Alfredo Escalera x2
Billy Costello
Ruben Castillo <undefeated>
Royal Kobayashi <undefeated>
Andrew Ganigan
Roberto Elizondo
Kevin Rooney
Vilomar Fernandez
Rigoberto Riasco
James Busceme
Claude Noel
Pat Jefferson

Notable losses:
Ernesto Marcel
Vilomar Fernandez
Aaron Pryor x2 <nr.1 controversial>

Questionable wins:
Jose Luis Ramirez

Questionable losses:
Aaron Pryor I (the black bottle controversy)

Overall points score:

'A' level wins:
Ruben Olivares, Bobby Chacon, Ray Mancini, Jose Luis Ramirez
'A-' level wins:
Jim Watt, Cornelius Boza Edwards, Rafael Limon, Ruben Castillo
'B' level wins:
Rolando Navarrete, Billy Costello, Royal Kobayashi, Alfredo Escalera x2, Andrew Ganigan, Roberto Elizondo, Rigoberto Riasco, Kevin Rooney, Vilomar Fernandez, Claude Noel
'B-' level wins:
James Busceme, Pat Jefferson

Points score: 8+6+10.5+1-10=15.5

06-04-2010, 06:08 PM
this guy was as classy as they come,he is an all time great:):P

06-04-2010, 06:20 PM
this guy was as classy as they come,he is an all time great:):P
You got that right!:cool: And a great person as well, maybe the nicest guy in the sport ever.