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03-14-2010, 03:09 PM

Julian "The Hawk" Jackson

WBA LMW champion 1987-89
2-time WBC MW champion 1990-93, 1995

Julian Jackson was one of the hardest punchers ever and probably the hardest puncher that ever fought in the middle divisions. He put his opponents to sleep with either hand. However, like with most punchers, his chin was less than sturdy. He never fought as amateur and debuted as a pro in 1981, at the age of 20. Many of his early fights were in Puerto Rico. His most notable early win was against former LMW champion, Nicaraguan Eddie Gazo. In 1986 the 29-0 Jackson got a shot at the WBA LMW title against legendary Mike "Bodysnatcher" McCallum. After rocking the champion and taking the first round on 2 judges scorecards, the overeager Jackson was stopped in the second after a barrage of punches by McCallum.

Next year the title became vacant after McCallum vacated it to move up to 160 and Jackson won it by stopping the Korean puncher In Chul Baek (40-1, 36 KO) in the 3rd round. He defended the title three times, against former IBF champion Buster Drayton by TKO3, Brazilian champion Francisco De Jesus by KO8 and future champion and HOFer Terry Norris by KO2. He vacated the title to move up to middleweight and after winning two fights he was matched for the WBC title against the skilled Herol Graham, who had previously given McCallum a hard fight. After getting dominated for 3 rounds, Jackson suddenly unleashed one of the most deadly punches in history which put Graham on the canvas out cold. He defended the title four times, most notably in his first points win over Thomas Tate.

Then in May '93, he met his destiny in the hands of Gerald "G-Man" McClellan, the most formidable talent in the division at the time. McClellan was a puncher like Jackson, but he was also very fast and skilled. He was touted to be the next Thomas Hearns and was trained by Emmanuel Steward. Jackson didn't look intimidated and rocked the young lion a couple times. After the relative even fight in the first four rounds, McClellan displayed his explosive punching prowess and took out Jackson in the fifth, flooring him twice before the fight was stopped. The two were rematched a year later but this time it was a no-match and McClellan easily stopped The Hawk in one round. Although Jackson would reclaim the title once more, with another tideturning kayo against Agostino Cardamone, he was definitely shot by this time. He was stopped in the first defense by Quincy Taylor in 6 rounds. Curiously, Julian went down to 154 again to fight for the lightly regarded WBU title against Verno Phillips. The first seven rounds were relatively even, but in the eight Phillips hurt Jackson and then koed him with two left hooks in the ninth. After losing another fight that year in '98, to unheralded Anthony Jones by TKO9, Jackson finally retired leaving behind a record of 55-6 with 49 KO's. He has one of the highest knockout percentages of all champions, especially in the middle divisions.

Notable wins:
Terry Norris
Herol Graham
Thomas Tate
In Chul Baek
Buster Drayton
Eddie Gazo
Agostino Cardamone
Dennis Milton
Francisco De Jesus

Notable losses:
Mike McCallum
Gerald McClellan I *Jackson was past prime in the first, shot in the second fight

Overall points score:

'A' level wins:
Terry Norris, Herol Graham
'A- level wins:
In Chul Baek, Thomas Tate
'B' level wins:
Agostino Cardamone, Buster Drayton
'B-' level wins:
Dennis Milton, Franciso De Jesus, Eddie Gazo

Points score: 4+3+2+1.5-6=4.5