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01-23-2010, 06:01 PM

"Terrible" Terry Norris

Amateur career:
4-time Texas State Golden Gloves champion
Record: 291-4

Professional career:
WBC LMW champion (1990-93, 1994, 1995-97)
IBF LMW champion (1995-97)

Terry Norris is one of, if not the, greatest light middleweights in history. He had oustanding speed, reflexes, skill and punching prowess. His only flaw was his chin, which cost him a few fights he would have won most likely. He peaked early, already at the age of 22 he was world champion for the first time, so his prime ended at a relatively young age of 30. He also had a problem with his restless behaviour in the ring which led to three losses by disqualification. Once he was in his berserker mode, he had problems controlling himself. Still, he always came back and avenged his losses, in his prime that is. First against Simon Brown, whom he lost to by a 4th round KO in his first loss of the title in December '93. He responded by outclassing Brown to win a wide UD next year. Then came his most infamous trilogy of bouts with Luis Santana. Norris got dq'd twice, then finally won in the third fight by a second round TKO. In '95 he became a unified champ when he beat IBF champ Paul Vaden. His end was to come in late '97 against Keith Mullings. After being in control of most of the first 7 rounds, he was caught by a right hand at the end of the eight. He was then stopped in the next round. He retired in '98 after losing to Laurent Boudouani in the fight for the WBA title, by TKO9. It was an unworthy end to such a brilliant career, which saw him beat fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard, Donald Curry, Meldrick Taylor, Simon Brown and John Mugabi.

Notable wins:
Sugar Ray Leonard
Donald Curry
Meldrick Taylor
Simon Brown
John Mugabi
Jorge Fernando Castro
Carl Daniels
Maurice Blocker
Buster Drayton
Paul Vaden
Vincent Pettway
Brett Lally
Rene Jacquot
Jorge Vaca
Steve Little
Quincy Taylor
Gilbert Baptist

Notable losses:
Simon Brown
Julian Jackson
Keith Mullings *past prime

Overall points score:

'A' level wins:
Simon Brown, Jorge Fernando Castro
'A-' level wins:
Donald Curry, Meldrick Taylor
'B' level wins:
John Mugabi, Carl Daniels, Maurice Blocker, Paul Vaden, Vincent Pettway, Jorge Vaca, Buster Drayton, Sugar Ray Leonard
'B-' level wins:
Brett Lally, Rene Jacquot, Steve Little, Quincy Taylor, Gilbert Baptist

Points score: 4+3+8+2.5-9=8.5

Sweet Pea
01-23-2010, 06:05 PM
I'd say Leonard was shot by this point and demote him to B-level. I'd say Castro was A-, not A-level. I'm also thinking that Donald Curry was shot by that point and B-level maybe.

Good stuff.

01-23-2010, 06:20 PM
Castro is B. Rest of your A/A- is fine. Not gonna bother evaluating the rest, your call.