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01-12-2010, 07:38 PM
Background Info

Welcome to the tenth installment of the Fights From The Past Scoring League. This league is devoted to scoring old fights (nothing newer than the 1990s). The official outcome of chosen fights may or may not be heavily disputed, and it's up to whoever creates the thread to select the fight he/she wants to score. Not only will this person score the fight, but anyone else who wants to contribute a scorecard may do so at their leisure. Scorecards will be accepted any day and at any time.

As for the content, you can expect to see some fights here so old that they are filmed in black and white. The only condition is all rounds of the fight must be displayed in the video! Consider this a great opportunity to match the history of what actually happened to what you believe should have happened. Also consider it a great opportunity to see how others scored the fight, and why they saw it that way. You'd be surprised how your opinion about a fight can change after paying attention to other people's observations. No single pair of eyes catches everything, so be considerate of other people's opinions (even if you adamantly disagree). Also keep in mind not everyone may be well versed in scoring fights. Simply put, not everyone understands judging criteria. But their opinion is still welcome. By all means feel free to argue your scorecards, just don't insult each other.

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Ideally you should give a round by round score of the fight, and tally the total at the end. A 3 round example is given below:

Round 1: 10-9 Fighter A
Round 2: 9-10 Fighter B
Round 3: 10-8 Fighter A

Final Score: 29 - 27 Fighter A

If this is too much work for you, so be it. Just throw up your final score. Or if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can write a description below each round score which explains why you scored it the way you did.

There is no time limit on when you have to get this scorecard in.

The Fight

This was a highly competitive & dirty fight between two top Middleweights. Johnson was seeking redemption after his controversial defeat to James Toney for the IBF title, while Collins was seeking redemption after coming up short in his first attempt at the WBA title against future hall of famer Mike McCallum.

Reggie Johnson vs Steve Collins
Date: 1992-04-22
Location: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
Referee: Arthur Mercante
Judge: Uriel Aguilera 113-115
Judge: Samuel Conde-Lopez 114-114
Judge: Marcos A. Torres 114-115
Stakes: Vacant WBA Middleweight Title
Weights: Johnson 159; Collins 160

To Download the Fight Click Here (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V6IIZADP) | Password = sweetboxing

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01-17-2010, 09:27 PM
Round 1: Johnson is the aggressor early on. It takes Collins some time to find his rhythm and he gets off in the second half but Johnson takes the first round.
10-9 Johnson
Round 2: Johnson starts off well, but Collins catches him first with some body shots against the ropes, then hurts him with a straight right.
9-10 Collins
Round 3: Collins opens best, throwing powerful combinations and countering well. Johnson tries to outjab him and go to the body, but just gets beaten back. He lands a few quick shots, mostly at the body, at the end of the round but still Collins takes it.
9-10 Collins
Round 4: Collins again comes out aggressively, but Johnson counters effectively and goes to the body. Collins gets in a couple hooks from close range but Johnson works the body effectively and is more polished and slightly quicker. Collins lands a low one and receives a warning. He tries to mount a comeback in the second half, but Johnson catches him with an unbelivable left hook to the body and follows it up with a right hand over the top. He then pins him against the ropes and lands a few more body shots before the ref interrupts them and saves Collins.
10-9 Johnson
Round 5: Johnson gets a point taken away for a low blow, rather inexplicably without a warning. Both exchange some good shots after that. Collins throws while Johnson counters. Collins gets a point taken away for elbowing Johnson at the end. It's a very even round, so:
Round 6: Obviously pissed for the point taken away, Collins comes out furiously and blasts Johnson with two hard shots to the body. Johnson takes them well. Both fighters trade punches in the last 30 seconds and Collins finishes with a nice hook to the buddy, thus just edging the round.
9-10 Collins
Round 7: Collins outlands Johnson while Reggie starts missing. He does land what the commentator describes as a "poking left" which snaps Collins head back a little somewhere in the middle and follows up with a combo to the body. Johnson finishes sharp as he lands a few thudding blows to Collins' face. Makes it harder to score this round.
10-9 Johnson
Round 8: Johnson starts to outbox Collins decisively now and Collins doesn't land much except a body shot. Johnson catches him with fast, headsnapping shots all the time. He's also starting to beat him on the inside as well. Midway thru Johnson also lands a big counter left but Collins takes it well. Collins comes back at the end with some body shots but is caught by a big counter left and loses the round clearly.
10-9 Johnson
Round 9: Collins lands a body shot but is tagged by a nice counterpunch by Johnson which sends him against the ropes. A headbutt opens the wound above Collins' left eye. Johnson simply looks to quick and slick for Collins now. Every punch Collins attempts is blocked and returned by Johnson. Collins also looks as tho he's starting to tire. He throws wild shots that miss often than not. Johnson overpowers him at the end with some accurate, sharp blows.
10-9 Johnson
Round 10: Johnson really has Collins in trouble now, landing at will while Collins' erratic performance grows ever more erratic. Johnson has Collins against the ropes much of the time, just bombing away. Collins seems to regain his composure towards the end however, but loses the most clearly dominant Johnson round by now.
10-9 Johnson
Round 11: Collins again takes the initiative early, going to the body. He gets in some effective counterpunches and seems to be back in the fight. Johnson tags him with a double jab in the face and goes to the body. Reggie atempts to regain control, but it's a close round. Collins comes forward and throws sloppy shots that land but don't do much damage. He lands a nice right to Johnson's head towards the end and takes the 11th.
9-10 Collins
Round 12: Collins flungs himself at Johnson in attempt to score a knockout, which he is aware of he needs. Johnson evades him and throws stinging counterpunches. Collins throws long punches that land, but lack in sharpness and precision. A short right from Johnson sends Collins tumbling on his feet but he regains composure and they go at eachother with little more than a minut remaining. Collins lands a solid right to the chin and follows it with a left. Collins tries to capitalize, but he lacks the energy and Johnson easily evades and dances around as the bell rings.

115-113 Reggie Johnson

08-13-2010, 05:53 PM
Round 1: 9-10 Johnson
Good action to kick things off! Johnson's accuracy wins him the round.
Round 2: 10 – 9 Collins
Reggie looked real good the last 30 seconds landing a solid uppercut and a few other punches but Collins countered him throughout the round while he was coming in. Headbutt by Johnson.
Round 3: 9–10 Collins
Nice countering by Collins! Very impressive, he did the same in the Eubank fight as well.
Low blow warning on Reggie Johnson. Both fighters look sharp in there. I am surprised Collins is looking this good against a guy who I considered one of the best technicans out there.
Round 4: 10-9 Johnson
Collins warned for another lowblow. Retaliation by Johnson but gets tagged soon after. Power shots landing for Johnson. Nice Ring Generalship by Johnson! Low blow from Johnson again.
Round 5: 9-8 Collins
Reggie has point taken away for low blow. Nice Defense by Collins. That was bad! wow Collins 2 elbows. Point taken away from Collins. He pulls out the round in my opinion as Reggie doesn't do much.
Round 6: 10-9 Collins
Good composed round for both fighters after what happened last round. You can tell both of them want to really land something vicious but they are both acting professional. Good body work by Reg. Collins loading up and landing a few but missing more. It looks as if Johnson took the round off. Both fighters have good stamina I am noticing.
Round 7: 10-9 Johnson
Looks alive and landing that straight left. Good Fight!
Round 8: 10-9 Johnson
Reggie popshots and picks off Steve as he complains more and misses most of his shots. Collins needs to calm that Irish temper and get himself composed again. Collins shakes his head in acknowledgment that Reggie seized the round.
Round 9: 10-9 Johnson
Reggie picks off where he left off with accurate powershot bombs from way out. Collins is bulling his way through and landing good shots. Reggie sniping away with power shots. Collins applauds Reggie at the end. (I wish Norris would have moved up to fight Johnson or imagine a Eubank vs Johnson fight. That would be great.)
Round 10: 10-9 Johnson
Reggie not doing anything for the first minute. Collins barging in the door with combination's. Reggie Johnson is on fire. He looks like a southpaw Roy jones jr in there
leading with those right hooks and straight lefts. Collins fustrated and heated. You'd think this was a game of rugby. Reggie is butting also in there but this is a mans game and these are two men with animosity torwards each other.
Round 11: 10-9 Collins
Collins looks like he has the edge in stamina going into the 11th but how can you really tell Reggie is almost always cool as ice in there. There it is nice offensive by Collins Reggie is a bit tired his hands are down and he is breathing through his mouth in retreat.
Round 12: 10-9 Collins
104-103 Reggie is up by a point going into the last round. Reggie is going all out and I am afraid he wont have enough left to finish strong. Great workmanlike effort by Collins. He is grunting this round out so far. It is coming down to Reggie's precision versus Steve's work-rate and stamina. Halfway through and Reg looks spent. Both fighters missing but Reggie is satisfied with giving Collins the round.

Final Score: draw (113 – 113)

It is funny to hear Steve echo what I said in the 10th about this being a man's game. Geez, another draw you think I would be looking for the easy way out but that's the way my cards fell.

08-09-2011, 07:29 PM
Reggie Jonson - Steve Collins
Round 1:10:9
Good start for Johnson, who is outboxing Collins most of the time. Steve can't really do anything.
Round 2:9:10
Pretty Close round, Collins showing some nice body attack, but being countred with clean head punches alot. Clollins flurry in last minute wins the round for him.
Round 3:9:10
Good round for Collins, again immpressive body work and countering.
Round 4:10:9
Collins seems to slow down a bit, Johnsons wins it big.
Round 5:9:8
Dirty round, but beside it Johnson outboxed Collins.
Round 6:9:10
Close round. Collins started well, but Johnson was close to take it down the strech. Didn't to enough.
Round 7:10:9
Very good round for Johnson, who finished strong again.
Round 8:10:9
Big round for Johnson, Collins isn't throwing much and even when he does, he gets countered big.
Round 9:10:9
Roggie seems to control the fight and is landing his shots flash on the chin of Steve.
Reggie hammers Collins...
Johnson seemed to be a bit tired going into this round and probably realised that he won't be able to bteak Irishmans chin, more active and aggressive Collins took it.
Collins was aggresive, but not effective this time. Johnson landed more and better shots.
Final Score:115:111 Johnson, OFficially 115:113,114:114,115:114 Johnson.
Good fight, but better man won it.

09-26-2011, 03:53 PM
Round 1: 10-9 Johnson
Round 2: 10-9 Collins
Round 3: 10-9 Collins
Round 4: 10-9 Johnson
Round 5: 9-9 Even
Round 6: 10-9 Johnson
Round 7: 10-9 Collins
Round 8: 10-9 Johnson
Round 9: 10-9 Johnson
Round 10: 10-9 Johnson
Round 11: 10-9 Collins
Round 12: 10-9 Collins

TOTALS --> 114-113 Johnson