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10-24-2009, 01:52 AM
Background Info

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Fights From The Past Scoring League. This league is devoted to scoring old fights (nothing newer than the 1990s). The official outcome of chosen fights may or may not be heavily disputed, and it's up to whoever creates the thread to select the fight he/she wants to score. Not only will this person score the fight, but anyone else who wants to contribute a scorecard may do so at their leisure. Scorecards will be accepted any day and at any time.

As for the content, you can expect to see some fights here so old that they are filmed in black and white. The only condition is all rounds of the fight must be displayed in the video! Consider this a great opportunity to match the history of what actually happened to what you believe should have happened. Also consider it a great opportunity to see how others scored the fight, and why they saw it that way. You'd be surprised how your opinion about a fight can change after paying attention to other people's observations. No single pair of eyes catches everything, so be considerate of other people's opinions (even if you adamantly disagree). Also keep in mind not everyone may be well versed in scoring fights. Simply put, not everyone understands judging criteria. But their opinion is still welcome. By all means feel free to argue your scorecards, just don't insult each other.

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Ideally you should give a round by round score of the fight, and tally the total at the end. A 3 round example is given below:

Round 1: 10-9 Fighter A
Round 2: 9-10 Fighter B
Round 3: 10-8 Fighter A

Final Score: 29 - 27 Fighter A

If this is too much work for you, so be it. Just throw up your final score. Or if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can write a description below each round score which explains why you scored it the way you did.

There is no time limit on when you have to get this scorecard in.

The Fight

The fight of this thread features the 1989 fight of the year between champion Iran Barkley and challenger Roberto Duran. The verdict was a split decision victory for Duran. It was a close fight with a lot going on at once. My advice when scoring this is to do it without an agenda. If you're looking for something specific to award points for, some other things happening that are equally important might fly under the radar. Enjoy!

Iran Barkley vs. Roberto Duran
Date: 1989-02-24
Location: Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Referee: Joe Cortez
Judge: Tom Kaczmarek 116-112
Judge: Dave Brown 113-116
Judge: Giuseppe Ferrari 118-112
Belt: WBC Middleweight Title
Weights: Iran Barkley 159 lbs - Roberto Duran 156¼ lbs

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11-06-2009, 03:11 AM
Round 1: 9 – 10 Duran
This was a close round that was sealed in the final seconds by Duran, via a heavy overhand right that staggered Barkley.

Round 2: 10 – 9 Barkley
Barkley controls most of this round, although Duran has brief moments near the end. However, they are far from enough to steal the round.

Round 3: 10 – 9 Barkley
Duran has moments in multiple sections of this round, but once again not enough to steal it. Barkley's winning the fight with the jab. Duran counters well, but not often enough.

Round 4: 10 – 9 Barkley
Great round, but another one Barkley took. Barkley seems to be a sucker for Duran's right hand at this point, but the great inside work Barkley does cannot be overlooked. And unlike previous rounds, Barkley lands shots equally heavy and clean as those of Duran.

Round 5: 10 – 9 Barkley
Yet around round in the books for Barkley, who hit Duran with the best punches he had. Duran, to his credit, was unfazed and didn't deter from his game plan. The round was far from a blowout, and Barkley looked winded by the end.

Round 6: 10 – 9 Barkley
Luckily for Barkley the pace slowed this round, allowing Barkley to once again control it. Neither fighter appears to be doing better work than the other, Barkley is just doing more of it.

*Round 7: 10 – 9 Barkley
Great, back and forth, close round. Could go to either man, but I think Barkley edged it for doing the most work. Both fighters appeared stunned this round.

Round 8: 10 – 9 Barkley
This was a close round, that is, after Barkley shook Duran to his boots and unloaded on him to the body as a follow up. Barkley won the round in the first minute. Duran never caught back up.

Round 9: 9 – 10 Duran
Duran just can't miss with the right hand and takes control of the round, winning it convincingly. Barkley looks a little swollen around the eyes at this point.

Round 10: 9 – 10 Duran
Barkley lost his jab this round. Duran made him pay for it.

Round 11: 8 – 10 Duran
First and only 2 point round of the fight. Barkley started strong but began to take too much punishment, faded, got hurt, and went down. This round, in many eyes, was the key to Duran's victory. However, according to the official judges scorecards, he could have actually lost it and still won the fight. That would have been criminal.

*Round 12: 10 – 10 Even
Barkley came back well this round and it could have gone either way. I saw no clear winner in the round. It was an even round. I went back and did my own personal Compubox of the round to check it, and it confirmed my suspicions.

Final Score: 115 – 113 Barkley

Score Variances:
Scoring all the starred rounds to fighter 1: 115 – 112 Barkley
Scoring all the starred rounds even: 115 – 114 Barkley
Scoring all the starred rounds to fighter 2: 113 – 114 Duran

11-10-2009, 10:50 PM
I scored it like this:

Rd 1: 10-9 Duran
Rd 2: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 3: 10-9 Duran
Rd 4: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 5: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 6: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 7: 10-9 Duran
Rd 8: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 9: 10-9 Duran
Rd 10: 10-9 Duran
Rd 11: 10-8 Duran
Rd 12: 10-9 Duran

Total: 115-112 Duran

11-10-2009, 11:37 PM
I scored it like this:

Rd 1: 10-9 Duran
Rd 2: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 3: 10-9 Duran
Rd 4: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 5: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 6: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 7: 10-9 Duran
Rd 8: 9-10 Barkley
Rd 9: 10-9 Duran
Rd 10: 10-9 Duran
Rd 11: 10-8 Duran
Rd 12: 10-9 Duran

Total: 115-112 Duran

Thanks, 2000 vbux sent. (You won't see a notification, I made them appear "magically")

Bank those points, interest is pretty good.

11-11-2009, 08:03 PM
Thanks man

11-11-2009, 11:57 PM
1: 9-10 Duran *the first time Barkley is in trouble
2: 9-10 Duran
3: 9-10 Duran
4: 10-10 even *best round of the fight, all out war!
5: 10-9 Barkley *his most dominant round in the fight
6: 10-9 Barkley
7: 10-9 Barkley
8: 10-9 Barkley *the only time Duran was really hurt in the fight
9: 9-10 Duran *Pretty little action; Duran takes it on that big right hand
10: 9-10 Duran *Very good round, great action from both men
11: 8-10 Duran *second best round, incredible kd by Duran!
12: 9-10 Duran

Hence the score: 116-112 Roberto Duran

Violent Demise
09-08-2010, 10:23 AM
Rd 1: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 2: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 3: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 4: 10-9 Iran Barkley
Rd 5: 10-9 Iran Barkley
Rd 6: 10-9 Iran Barkley
Rd 7: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 8: 10-9 Iran Barkley
Rd 9: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 10: 10-9 Roberto Duran
Rd 11: 10-8 Roberto Duran
Rd 12: 10-9 Roberto Duran

116-111 Roberto Duran

11-29-2010, 01:21 PM
Round 1:
- Barkley 9
- Duran 10
Round 2:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 9
Round 3:
- Barkley 9
- Duran 10
Round 4:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 9
Round 5:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 9
Round 6:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 9
Round 7:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 10
Round 8:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 9
Round 9:
- Barkley 9
- Duran 10
Round 10:
- Barkley 9
- Duran 10
Round 11:
- Barkley 8
- Duran 10
Round 12:
- Barkley 10
- Duran 10

TOTALS --> 115 - 114 Duran

08-12-2011, 05:17 PM
Iran Barkley - Roberto Duran
Round 1:9:10
Barkley was just about to win first round, when Duran hurted him with great right hand counter with seconds to go.
Round 2:10:9
Good jab and body work by Barkley.
Round 3:9:10
Duran showed some adjustments, this time he was doing better job with his jab and body work to dominate first half of the round. Barkley was the better man in the second half, but not as dominant.
Round 4:10:9
Fighters started to trade more, Barkley was landing more.
Round 5:10:9
Barkley again was doing better off the exchanges.
Round 6:10:9
Pace slowed down a bit, Barkley was working more.
Round 7:9:10
Great staff. They were exchangind some bombs in the ring, I tought that Duran did more damage.
Round 8:10:9
Barkley outworked Duran and landed big left hook that knocked Panamian off balance.
Round 9:9:10
Barkley slowed down and Duran dominated the round with big right hands.
Barkley is just too tired, Duran in control.
Round was close till Duran landed brutal combination to put Barkley on the canvas and win it by 2 points.
Iran came back to fight, round was close, but Duran landed bigger punches again.
Final Score:112:115 Duran, Officially:112:116, 116:113,112:118 Duran.
I think you should watch 3-rd round again Obama.