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Next on the list (http://www.sweetboxing.com/showthread.php?t=614)...The Golden Boy...Oscar De La Hoya:


Oscar De La Hoya is the first 6 division “World” Champion. He won a title in each division from Super Featherweight through Middleweight. A breakdown of his resume by full weight classes only ensues:

Notable Lightweight Wins:
Jorge Paez <Post-Prime>
John John Molina
Rafael Ruelas
Genaro Hernandez <Undefeated>
Jesse James Leija

Notable Welterweight Wins:
Julio Cesar Chavez II <Over the hill>
Pernell Whitaker <Post-Prime>
Hector Camacho <Over the hill>
Ike Quartey
Oba Carr <Post-Prime>
Arturo Gatti <Post-Prime>

Notable Middleweight Wins:
Felix Sturm

Notable Losses:
Felix Trinidad [Welterweight]
Shane Mosley I [Welterweight]
Bernard Hopkins [Middleweight]

Questionable Wins:
Ike Quartey
Pernell Whitaker
Felix Sturm

Questionable Losses:
Felix Trinidad

Oscar was undefeated at Lightweight, with a record of 7-0 in “World” Title fights. He then made himself famous at Welterweight, with elite and/or hall of fame wins over Pernell Whitaker, Ike Quartey, and Julio Cesar Chavez. He also had losses against future hall of famers Felix Trinidad and Sugar Shane Mosley. He finished his trip upward in weight class with two Middleweight bouts against WBO Champ Felix Sturm and WBA/WBC/IBF Champ / future hall of famer Bernard Hopkins. He won a decision and was knocked out respectively. Hopkins was the only man to ever knock De La Hoya out. His loss to Pacquaio is over looked because he was over the hill, and it's not considered a KO because it wasn't. De La Hoya let his corner stop the fight while he was on his stool. It was stopped because he couldn't win, not because he couldn't continue. Ultimately while his fame exceeded his greatness, De La Hoya still remains lb for lb one of the greatest fighters of all time, although not very high on the list. A further view of his performance in the psuedo weight divisions and his overall resume evaluation is listed below:

Notable Junior Lightweight Wins:
None really. He did have two WBO title fights against undefeated fighters however, just not fighters who had happened to have beaten anyone relevant. The WBO was not recognized at this time.

Notable Junior Welterweight Wins:
Julio Cesar Chavez I <Over the hill>
Miguel Angel Gonzalez <Undefeated>

Notable Junior Middleweight Wins:
Javier Castillejo
Fernando Vargas <Post-Prime>
Luis Ramon Campas <Over the hill>
Ricardo Mayorga

Notable Losses:
Shane Mosley II [Junior Middleweight]
Floyd Mayweather Jr. <Oscar Post-Prime> [Junior Middleweight]

Questionable Wins:

Questionable Losses:
Shane Mosley II

De La Hoya was undefeated at Junior Lightweight and Junior Welterweight respectively, with a collective record of 4-0 in title fights. When he met Champion Julio Cesar Chavez, it was first time he ever defeated a fall of famer, and it was the first time anyone had ever stopped JCC. At Junior Middleweight, De La Hoya is also arguably an undefeated fighter, albeit a pretty weak argument. Most thought he won his rematch with Sugar Shane Mosley, who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs prior to the bout. He also came out on the losing end of a split decision against future hall of famer Floyd Mayweather, who most didn't think he deserved to beat. His record in title fights at Junior Middleweight is 4-2.

Overall Points Evaluation:

'A' level wins:
Pernell Whitaker, Ike Quartey
'A-' level wins:
Genaro Hernandez, Julio Cesar Chavez I, Fernando Vargas
'B' level wins:
John John Molina, Rafael Ruelas, Jesse James Leija, Julio Cesar Chavez II, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Hector Camacho, Oba Carr, Arturo Gatti, Javier Castillejo, Felix Sturm, Ricardo Mayorga
'B-' level wins:
Jorge Paez, Luis Ramon Campas

Point Total: 4 + 4.5 + 10.5 + 1 – 10 = 10

A more critical article I wrote on De La Hoya can be found here:

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Cyber Boxing Zone had the following to say:

De La Hoya is an extremely hard hitter for a man of the lighter weight classes; In addition, he boxes well and was nearly unbeatable in his early career; Oscar was a collector of World Championships

During his career, he has won the WBO Middleweight Championship of the World, the WBC Light Middleweight Championship of the World, the WBC Welterweight Championship of the World, the WBA Welterweight Championship of the World, the IBA Welterweight Championship of the World, the WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World, the WBO Lightweight Championship of the World, the IBF Lightweight Championship of the World and the WBO Super Featherweight Championship of the World

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Whitaker should be A- because he was past his prime as evident in the Rivera fights.

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Whitaker should be A- because he was past his prime as evident in the Rivera fights.

Post-Prime Whitaker was still elite. It was a matter of focus for him. In the first Rivera fight he wasn't focused. Prime Whitaker was an A+ fighter.