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Next on the list (http://sweetboxing.com/showthread.php?t=614)... Baby Face Jimmy McLarnin:


Jimmy McLarnin fought from the end of 1923 to the end of 1936, with achievements that are some of the most interesting in the history of the game. He began his career as low as Flyweight, fought all the way through Welterweight, beat former/current/future Champions in EACH weight division, yet only won a World title for himself at the Welterweight limit.

McLarnin ended his career with a record of 54 wins, 11 loses, and 3 draws. Of the 9 people who beat McLarnin in his 11 defeats, he beat 6 of them. The ones he didn't beat, he never fought more than once. However, only 1 of these 3 men was a hall of famer worth rematching. He was also the only 1 to meet a prime McLarnin. His name is Lou Brouillard, and he beat Jimmy McLarnin by split decision. Brouillard was a former World Welterweight Champion, a future NYSAC Middleweight Champion, and a future New England Light Heavyweight Champion. All in all, McLarnin ran into quite a bit of fall of famers:

IBHOFers Jimmy lost to:

Tony Canzoneri
Barney Ross (x2) (lost Welterweight title in both fights)
Lou Brouillard
Billy Petrolle
Charles "Bud" Taylor (x2)
Sammy Mandell (failed attempt at Lightweight title)

IBHOFers Jimmy beat:

Lou Ambers
Tony Canzoneri
Barney Ross (regained Welterweight title)
Young Corbett III (won Welterweight title)
Benny Leonard
Billy Petrolle (x2)
Jackie Fields
Charles "Bud" Taylor
Louis "Kid" Kaplan
Sammy Mandell (x2)
Pancho Villa
Fidel LaBarba (x2)

Jimmy McLarnin ended his career before the age of 29 at the top of his game, going out with back to back wins over Canzoneri and Ambers. Getting out of the game earlier and in much better condition than most, McLarnin was able to extend his life for nearly another 70 years. He died at the age of 96 in November of 2004. Today, he would be exactly 100 years old. A few dedication articles are listed of McLarnin below:




Cyber Boxing Zone had the following to say on McLarnin:

McLarnin was a good boxer and a stinging hitter; He was game and especially dangerous when hurt; He fought many "name" fighters - many times; During his career, he beat 13 champions and won the Welterweight Championship of the World

He was most famous for his three bout series with each of five outstanding fighters - Barney Ross, Fidel LaBarba, Sammy Mandell, Billy Petrolle and Charles "Bud" Taylor and had victories over each of them
Among others he defeated were Benny Leonard, Lou Ambers, Tony Canzoneri, Louis "Kid" Kaplan, "Young" Jack Thompson, Sammy Fuller, Young Corbett III, Jackie Fields, Al Singer, Ray Miller, Sid Terris, Joey Sangor, Ruby Goldstein, Joe Glick, "Sergeant" Baker and Young Nationalista
Charley Rose ranked McLarnin as the #5 All-Time Welterweight; Herb Goldman ranked him as the #7 All-Time Welterweight; Nat Fleischer ranked him as the #10 All-Time Welterweight; He was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1956 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991

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Here's the third fight with Barney Ross, which McLarnin lost by a highly competitive UD:

*Ross is the guy with the faster hands and more bounce in his feet
**Former Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey is the Referee

Footage taken down