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Next on the list (http://www.sweetboxing.com/showthread.php?t=614)...."Terrible" Terry McGovern:


"Terrible" Terry McGovern is a former Bantamweight and Featherweight World Champion, winning both titles from undefeated Pedlar Palmer and hall of famer George Dixon respectively. And although McGovern came up short in his attempt to win the Lightweight title from hall of famer Battling Nelson, he had previously established himself as a top contender by knocking out Harlem Tommy Murphy in the first round. But, that was already after McGovern was past his prime. While he was Featherweight Champion, he met two current/future Lightweight Champions in Frank Erne and hall of famer Joe Gans. The Gans fight was however problematic because it looked like a fix, and Gans admitted to throwing it. Luckily no title was at stake. But the Erne fight was legit. McGovern stopped reigning Lightweight Champion Frank Erne in 3 rounds of a non-title fight.

When McGovern won the Featherweight title, he vacated his Bantamweight title that he acquired only 4 months before hand. 23 months after winning the Featherweight title, he lost it to Young Corbett II. McGovern was unable to regain the title in a rematch and never became Champion again.

Terry McGovern began his professional career at the age of 17, was past his prime by the age of 24, and retired by the age of 28. He amassed a record of 65 wins, 6 losses, 7 draws, and a couple no decisions at the tail end of his career. 44 of his wins came by KO, and 2 of his losses were by KO via the same guy (Young Corbett II). McGovern's first 2 losses were by DQ, the first coming in his pro debut. It wasn't that Terry was losing either fight, just that he was simply committing a lot of fouls and the ref on that particular night would stand no more. In other words, it's not like McGovern was a clean fighter outside of these 2 fights. Ignoring those two DQ defeats, McGovern went into the first Corbett fight essentially undefeated with 55 wins, 5 draws, and meaningful success in 3 complete divisions to his name. And he did all that by the age of 21. Now that, is a great fighter.

What's even more interesting is how both his career and fighting style compare to Mike Tyson. But, I'll let you read an article on Cox's Corner to learn about that:


*My only gripe with the article is the depiction of the Dixon fight. It was no blowout.

In closing, a nice summary of McGovern's style, career, & legacy by Cyber Boxing Zone:

McGovern was a dynamic, aggressive fighter and a very hard hitter; He was not very stylist but he was rough and ready and came to fight; During his career, he was Bantamweight Champion of the World and Featherweight Champion of the World

McGovern defeated such men as Joe Gans, George Dixon, Frank Erne, Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer, Tommy White, Oscar Gardner, Casper Leon, Eddie Santry, Dave Sullivan, Tim Callahan, "Harlem" Tommy Murphy, Aurelio Herrera, Patsy Haley, Joe Bernstein, Eddie Lenny, Austin Rice, Harry Forbes and Eddie Avery
Nat Fleischer ranked McGovern as the #1 All-Time Featherweight; Charley Rose ranked him as the #1 All-Time Bantamweight; Terry was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1955 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990

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My apologies, but the best I could do was find footage of the fight I said was a fix...

Nonetheless, you get to witness two All Time Greats in the ring: