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10-21-2010, 12:32 PM
Unlikely Game 4 ending creates unlikely NLCS scenario

SAN FRANCISCO -- Juan Uribe wasn’t supposed to play Wednesday, and Roy Oswalt wasn’t supposed to pitch Wednesday.

But there they were, squaring off in the ninth inning of a 5-5 game at AT&T Park, in the most important at-bat of what was probably the best game of the entire postseason. The Giants had two runners on base -- Aubrey Huff at third, Buster Posey at first -- and there was only one out in the inning.

Uribe was at the plate, Oswalt was on the mound.

Uribe wasn’t supposed to play because of the sore left wrist that kept him out of Game 2 of the NLCS vs. the Phillies, the same sore left wrist that contributed to an 0-for-3 night in Game 3 that dropped his postseason average to .095 (2-for-21). As the game developed, though, manager Bruce Bochy made several double-switches, and Uribe thought his number might be called, sore wrist and all.

“I tried to be ready for something to happen,” Uribe said.

Oswalt wasn’t supposed to pitch because he was the Phillies’ Game 2 starter -- he allowed just three hits and one run in eight outstanding innings -- and was scheduled to start again if the series made it to Game 6. But Joe Blanton failed to last five innings Wednesday, and as the Phillies started churning through pitchers in rapid succession, a thought crept into Oswalt’s mind.

“I thought I could eat up an inning,” Oswalt said. “Maybe save Brad (Lidge) from having to go out and pitch without a save opportunity.”

In the seventh or eighth inning, Oswalt sought out two things -- pitching coach Rich Dubee and his spikes. He told Dubee he was available, even though he already had thrown his regular between-starts side session earlier in the day. Dubee told manager Charlie Manuel, and Oswalt soon was lacing up those spikes and heading to the bullpen.

He was ready by the time Giants closer Brian Wilson worked through a 1-2-3 top of the ninth. Oswalt got Freddy Sanchez for the first out of the inning, bringing up Aubrey Huff, a veteran left-handed hitter.

“He was aggressive with Freddy, so I took a shot with a first-pitch fastball,” Huff said. “And I got a changeup that was hittable, and got enough to get it past (first baseman Ryan Howard).”

Buster Posey was next. Posey already had three hits in the game, including an RBI single in the first and an RBI double in the third. He fouled off a couple of two-strike offerings, then laced a single into right field.

“That’s when you know he’s right,” Huff said of the rookie catcher, “when he’s going the other way.”

Huff wound up on third and Posey stopped at first.

Uribe wound up at the plate. Oswalt was still on the mound.

Oswalt, aggressive as always, got ahead in the count 1-2. After a foul ball, Oswalt was in control of the at-bat.

“I tried to go slider away, then was gonna bust him back inside,” he said.

But seeing an opportunity to take a full swing on a pitch that wasn’t inside -- the previous two fastballs almost hit him -- Uribe went after it, despite the fact that it was clearly out of the strike zone.

“Before the swing, (the wrist) hurt,” Uribe admitted. “And just when I swing, if it hurt ...” Uribe finished that sentence with a shrug that implied, “well, that’s the cost of doing business.”

As soon as he made contact, everyone in the ballpark knew the game was over. Uribe raised his hands. Huff, at third base, briefly raised his hands, too, before composing himself and going back to tag up. As long as he didn’t trip over the chalk, though, there was no way Huff was going to be thrown out by left fielder Ben Francisco.

Fitting, that the guy who wasn’t supposed to play lifted the team that wasn’t supposed to beat the Phillies to a commanding 3-1 NLCS lead.


10-21-2010, 12:37 PM
:hail:we are this years cinderella team!!!!

we are a team of destiny,we are meant to be the 2010 world series champions!!!

I have been waiting along time for this a long time now as the Giants are the only one of my professional teams to have never won a championship in my lifetime...

"the freak","the franchise" my main man timmy will shut down "doc" halladay tonite while we wait for the rangers/yankees winner:cop:

all hail the sig:hail: big time timmy lincecum...baseballs best...the filthiest changeup in baseball:cop:

10-22-2010, 02:19 AM
Lincecum vs Halladay 2 is on right now! That Cody Ross has been tearing it up in these playoffs. He surely has earned himself a raise for next year.