View Full Version : Mayweather says Pacquiao will beat Cotto

07-17-2009, 07:25 PM
Mayweather sees Pacquiao win over Cotto
By Dino Maragay (http://www.philstar.com/ArticleListByAuthorName.aspx?AuthorName=Dino+Marag ay) Updated July 17, 2009 11:32 AM
MANILA, Philippines – Floyd Mayweather Jr. believes WBO welterweight champion Miguel is already a mentally washed-up fighter that he is leaning toward Manny Pacquiao to beat the Puerto Rican star.
In an interview with ESPN, Mayweather said that with the punishment Cotto endured in his fight against Mexican Antonio Margarito last year, the Puerto Rican's mental toughness has changed.
Margarito stopped Cotto in the 11th round of their grueling July 2008 bout to hand the latter his first loss in 32 outings.
"I think after the Margarito fight, mentally, Cotto is not the same," Mayweather told ESPN's Brian Kenny. "You can never say what can happen in the sport of boxing, but I think Pacquiao is a quick starter, and if I had to lean toward a fighter, I would say Pacquiao."
Mayweather, who is coming back from retirement for a fight with lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez in September, was once considered as a potential opponent for Pacquiao.
Pacquiao, however, is now eyeing a date with Cotto in November after seeing the latter struggle in his fight against Joshua Clottey last June 13. Cotto escaped with a split-decision victory and had his face busted up by Clottey’s powerful blows.
Mayweather, for his part, thinks Clottey should have come out as the victor on that night.
"I thought Cotto lost his last fight," Mayweather said. "It was close, but I thought he lost."