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  1. Arshavin is back
  2. Gary Neville -Retired with immediate effect
  3. Anybody going to watch UFC 126? Probably will be the best UFC ever.
  4. Goodell Feels Belichick Lied After SpyGate
  5. The reason Real Football Fans > American Football Fans
  6. Better boxer Silva or Belfort?
  7. Six Nations
  8. Packers Will Win
  9. Arsenal winning 4-0 after 26mins..
  10. Cricket Rules Out Match Fixing : Pakistani Match Fixers get 5-10 year ban
  11. Invincibles
  12. 2011 NFL Hall Of Fame Inductees
  13. Superbowl XLV thread
  14. Barcelona break 50 year La Liga record
  15. The Super Bowl
  16. Tevez = cunt
  17. Wayne Rooney is the most overrated player in world football
  18. Drogba and Torres
  19. Bendtner - im worth £52k a week because I cant go skiing
  20. Carmelo Anthony Trade To West Coast, Lakers
  21. The Sir Dimitar Berbatov Appreciation Thread
  22. Cleveland Cavaliers' Losing Streak
  23. The Magician
  24. Manchester Derby
  25. How much more does Kobe Bryant got in him?
  26. West Ham win Olympic Stadium Bid
  27. Toon get Andy Carrol replacement
  28. Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan resigns
  29. Federal Prosecutors Drop 6 Chargers Against Barry Bonds
  30. Qatar Royal Family Closes in on Buying United
  31. Nikola Zigic
  32. Real ronaldo retires
  33. Horses electrocuted at race meeting
  34. Tiger Woods in spitting row
  35. Who is the player of the year so far?
  36. United to reinvest commercial revenue into player recruitment
  37. Gattuso & Joe Jordan
  38. Brum risk losing Defensive Duo
  39. Greatest ever Wrestling theme?
  40. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo
  41. Arsenal puts an end to Barcelonas undefeated streak this season...
  42. The legend Sting coming to WWE?
  43. Y2J talks about the GOAT
  44. Cabrera DUI-Drinks In The Officers Face Tells Him Fuck You
  45. Bad Boys 11
  46. Wrestlemania 27
  47. Evra Signs A New Contract
  48. Carmello is a KNICK
  49. Another Barca starlet to leave for Arsenal
  50. Carling Cup Final 2011
  51. Nets trade for Deron Williams
  52. Celtics trade Kendrick Perkins
  53. 3 Reasons
  54. Dean Richards dies
  55. Congratulations Birmingham
  56. Wenger should be sacked
  57. Arsenal should sign Ryan Shawcross
  58. Cashley Cole shoots fan
  59. Have all the Arsenal fans got no voices?
  60. Your tip for the cricket world cup? I think Pakistan will win.
  61. United's Away Form
  62. Footballers can be good people
  63. Diouf
  64. Barry Bonds again pleads not guilty
  65. Kolo Toure drugs test-City Suspend him
  66. Sacramento Kings No More:Anaheim Move Seems Inevitable
  67. Neil Lennon = Very smart
  68. Lennons Celtic future in doubt
  69. Tributes to the GOAT
  70. Sam Allardyce should replce Arsene Wenger
  71. All Blacks Skills, Really?
  72. Fabregas
  73. The Heat have lost 5 straight games
  74. Jacksons has a message for Heat: There's no crying in the NBA
  75. Lennon won't walk - Agent
  76. Arsenal make history!!!!
  77. Tottenham go through. AC Milan are out. UK over Italy
  78. Gareth Bale? Have you seen a quicker fall from grace?
  79. Lakers Undefeated Since The Break
  80. Why is Tim Hardaway JR three shades darker than his Dad?
  81. Ref waves imaginary card
  82. Man Utd vs Arsenal
  83. Arsenal-Honest Evaluation.
  84. Arsenal currently in talks to sign....
  85. TNA PPV main event-Jeff on something?
  86. Bryan Robson diagnosed with throat cancer
  87. Fayed to unveil statue of Wacko Jacko at Craven Cottage
  88. Randy Moss realizes that he's an idiot.
  89. Grant Hill takes issue with Jalen Rose "Uncle Tom" Comments
  90. Champions League Quarter Final Draw
  91. Fantasy motogp
  93. UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals Draw
  94. The grit that makes you champions
  95. spot the difference
  96. Premier League Top Scorers by letters of the Alphabet game
  97. Floyd Wins $37K On The Chicago Bulls
  98. We love you Chant - NY Red Bulls fans vs Palace fans
  99. New F1 season started this weekend
  100. I discovered bullriding. Am I now American hillbilly redneck?
  101. Classy Djokovic builds up, fraudy Murray ruins
  102. Sixers - Kings: 100 - 100 going into Overtime
  103. Opening Day Baseball!
  104. Drogba headed to MLS?
  105. aaron lennon
  106. MLB Live Online Daily!
  107. LeBron James gets stake in Liverpool
  108. Lebrons Mom Arrested For Assault
  109. Razor Ramon Hoispitalized!
  110. northern ireland, sports p4p #1
  111. Arsenal on verge of takeover
  112. Messis bro unhurt as Home is shot up
  113. Edge forced to retire -Legit
  114. Lakers has Lost 5 ...
  115. Stanley Cup Playoffs start today! (April 13,2011)
  116. Barry Bonds Beats Perjury Charges;Only Guilty Of Obstruction
  117. Why the be faking injuries in soccer (football)?
  118. We have all scored the same amount of goals for Chelsea as torres
  119. Rangers fans to be banned from Europe.
  120. congratulations united
  121. Supporting Teams From Other Countries
  122. Bale Wins PFA Player of the Year
  123. Tigers Niece Cheyenne Woods Wins ACC Tournament
  124. Fabregas frustrated at lack of sliverwear and questions Wenger
  125. Carlo admits squad isn't good enough, but no changes for summer
  126. Nel Lennon sent parcel bomb
  127. Dundee Utd Vs Rangers
  128. Best-paid athletes in 30 sports
  129. Who's the highest payed athlete in your country?
  130. Worst Prem season in a long time?
  131. Tevez to join Inter Milan
  132. Major League Baseball - Less than 9 percent of players black
  133. Signing of the season?
  134. Miami Dolphins Brandon Marshall Stabbed; Wife Arrested
  135. Celtics Sweep. Lakers Stuggling
  136. not much of a basketball fan but this is pretty cool (video)
  137. Pep biting to Jose's bait
  138. So it's Real - Barcelona tonight..
  139. BDUB's Top 15 Sports Heroes
  140. Soccer/Football/Futbol - Radamel Falcao Garcia
  141. Congratulations Neil Warnock
  142. liverpool football club
  143. Mourinho was absolutley right
  144. Abramovich plans to spend 80 million
  145. Another Title for Gers
  146. so, whose in more trouble......
  147. Do Australians and New Zealanders like Football (Soccer)
  148. NFL
  149. Federer or Nadal
  150. soccer is 10x better than NFL
  151. MMA
  152. Viva la Barsa
  153. NHL: Who will be the final two teams in the Playoffs?
  154. Kobe shhhhh maybe someone is listening
  155. SURFING
  156. The Lakers are coming after Dwight Howard
  157. The Guru's Top 10 Greatest Footballers Ever
  158. The Guru's 10 Best Teams in Football History
  159. The Guru's Top 10 British Players Ever
  160. San Francisco 49ers: Could Alex Smith and Reggie Bush Reunite in Ninerland?
  161. The 10 Greatest Quarterbacks of E-Dubbs Generation
  162. BDUB's Top 10 Greatest NBA Players of the last 20 years
  163. United trailing Buffon
  164. City want to beat United to Rodwell
  165. Is Giggs the Prems best ever?
  166. Fletch winning the battle to be fit for Wembley
  167. If Xavi and Iniesta were playing behind Cristiano Ronaldo he'd score 50 league goals
  168. Bullet sent to Celtic Park
  169. FA to make statement at 11 tonight
  170. United team mid 90's
  171. Paul Merson claims drug use during Wenger reign at Arsenal
  172. Gennaro Gattuso = Legend
  173. Best Player you ever saw live?
  174. Glasgow Rangers
  175. Arsenal wont even finish 3rd this season
  176. R.I.P Randy Savage
  177. Jack Brabham's story
  178. Plaxico Burress coming to the Eagles :hail:
  179. Utd team to play Barca?
  181. How bout them Bulls? :lol:
  182. Stanley cup ! Is there no hockey fans here?
  183. Romford Pele is Certain Fabregas will leave
  184. RIP-SF 49er Great John Henry Johnson
  185. Why Canada sucks on the world stage of Soccer ( aka Football)
  186. Crazy penalty kick
  187. The SF 49ers Dedication Thread
  188. All hail Dirk, all hail Dallas!
  189. The Sports Hub of the Universe does it again!!!!!
  190. Vancouver riots
  191. Overeem vs Werdum
  192. Wimbledon 2011, Novak's crowning as world's number one
  193. NBA draft & Trades?
  194. Terrell Owens Tears ACL, Is His Career Over?
  195. NBA Lock Out Begins Tonite
  196. One for the Hispanics
  197. American Sports Fans: A question.
  198. Hope Solo Nom Nom Nom!
  199. How much better is the USA female soccer team than the male?
  200. Dan Rafael...
  201. Copa America Final Uruguay 2-0 Paraguay : Half Time
  202. Sign up for FA Fantasy Football league
  203. Are you ready for some football?
  204. The NFL Thread 2011/12
  205. Fantasy football league (english soccer pemier league)
  206. Fedor vs. Henderson today.....
  207. Peyton Manning Gets New 5 Year $90 million Dollar Deal From Colts
  208. Braves trade for CF Michael Bourn
  209. The SF Giants Acquire Beltran And Are Likely To Repeat As Champs
  210. England owning India in the cricket
  211. Rate These QuarterBacks 1 - 10
  212. sports biggest upset?
  214. Australian Rules Football
  215. OMG UFC - FOX deal. The world is about to implode..
  216. Patriots get surprise visit from Micky Ward while watching 'The Fighter'
  217. Fan violence mars 49ers game - Police to crack down the rest of season
  218. Transfer Window nearly closed and Arsenal fail to buy top players?
  219. What did you think of the late transfers before transfer window closed? EPL?
  220. NCAA Football
  221. Terrel Pryor Wonderlic score. lolz
  222. Plane crash kills top Russian Hockey team
  223. Under Rated Football Players?
  224. NFL/NCAAF Games
  225. Rugby World Cup 2011 Thread:
  226. Down Hill Biking..Now this is a Mad Sport
  227. The plight of Glasgow Rangers
  228. Serena Williams outburst
  229. Novak Djokovic is the greatest tennis player in history
  231. FINALLY, Post Season Time In MLB.....
  232. I Dont Know What To Make Of This....
  233. The Deepest Era Of The Quarterback in NFL History???
  234. Disgraced Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez refuses to play, manager says "He is finished"
  235. Footballing teams that made huge investments this season....
  236. Fifa Set To Impose World Wide Ban on Tevez
  237. 10 Greatest Running Backs of E-Dubbs Lifetime
  238. Kobe Bryant going to Bologna!
  239. What happen to the pitch at cystal palace
  240. UFC Live 6 Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson
  241. ESPN 2011 Body Issue
  242. MFC 31 The Rundown : Ryan Jimmo vs. Rameau Sokoudjou
  243. UFC 136 : Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard III
  244. Paul Kariya
  245. liverpool vs manchester united
  246. Jim Harbaugh vs Jim Schwartz Post Game
  247. USA vs. Thailand ("Stitch'em Up" vs. Kaoklai)
  248. Can American Muay Thai Compete and Excel on the World Stage??
  249. Jim Telfer, British Lion 1997 Motivational Speech
  250. UNITED